Ferrari Classiche

Since over 60 years Ferrari are treasured by vintage-car collectors around the world.
The department Ferrari Classiche is concerned prevalent to issue Certificates of Authenticity for road vehicles older than 20 years and all Ferrari racing cars of all ages, including the Monoposto of the F1 Racing Series.

The "Certificazinoe di autenticità" are certifying the authenticity of the vehicle officially and are a valuable doscument for the buyer in case of a vehicle sale. All vehicles with the "Certificazinoe di autenticità" are approved to participate in official Ferrari events, for example the Shell Historic Challenge in Europe and North America.

During the certification process all vehicles are appropriate examined in the Ferrari Classiche department in Maranello or at a certified Ferrari authorized dealer worldwide.

The technical characteristics of every single car are assessed by a comittee known under the name "COCER". The comittee consists of accredited experts and is guided by the Vice President Piero Ferrari.

For the assessment the historical archives of Ferrari are taken into consideration. Important element of the certification process is the technical inspection:

It is verified wether the vehicle is fully functional and also that bodywork, engine, gear box, drive train, suspension, brakes, wheels, chassis and interior are original parts or parts according to original specifications.

Certificate for cars with historic background

This, in 2009 introduced certificate is issued to all Ferrari, which did not qualify in the certification process. Though still meet the following requirements:

- Vehicles, which attended to international racing events in the past in thier current configuration, or
- vehicles which current bodywork configuration was finished by known designers or coachbuilders up to 10 years after the vehicle was built

In this configuration the vehicles must have attended to Autoshows or must have been presented in international recognized car exhibitions or been presented in international professional journals.

These criteria are the minimum requested requirements by Ferrari to issue a certification, which gives the vehicle the option to attend to the Shell Historic Challenge and other by Ferrari organized events.